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Independent study for Animation

​Biggest lessons from the Independent Study:

  • Be an idiot in front of the camera, that’s how you learn to express and get into the character of a creature.

  • Block out animatic is the best way to start.

  • Find the “leader” in the mesh - it’s generally the hips or eyes.

  • Never go back to an animation that you feel is wrong. Scrap it out and start fresh.

  • Animation is relatively easier when you know the tool better.

  • It’s always said in rigging terms “ to simplify” but what actually has to be done is “Simplified controls”.

  • Look at the most redundant thing an animator has to do and put your work on eliminating that.

  • Don’t animate the same thing for more than two hours and Don’t get lost in details.    

  • Even the art of animation has limits based on your rigs.

Ball Bounce:

I worked on 3 different ball bounces for this project: 

  • Ball Bounce in Place

  • Ball Bounce with translation

  • Ball Bounce with translation and Decay. 

Main Objective of these projects:

  1. To understand gravity, timing and squash and stretch in animation.

  2. To understand the key frame spacing with decay in velocity and also to understand relative motion with height and distance as there is a decay in velocity.

Lessons learnt:

  • The idea of a  basic rig depends on how much you are willing to push your rig.

  • Exaggeration plays an important role in animation so leave room for it in your rigs.

  • Squash and stretch are important but a good squash with ease-in and a good stretch with ease out are the best ways to go about when it comes to animating a ball.

  • Animation is lot easier when you get more comfortable with the graph editor.

  • Right bounce is convincing but implementing rotation along with bounce will give credibility to the animation.

  • As time increases key frames come closer but always remember to leave room for the ease in and ease out and use it till there is no more bounce.

  • Get comfortable with the different types of tangents and curves in the graph editor.

Biped Animation:

I worked on 3 different walk cycles for this project: 

  • Walk - cycle in place with FK setup. 

  • Walk - cycle in place with IK setup.

  • Forward Walk - cycle with IK setup. 

Main Objective of these projects:

  1. To implement a walk cycle with an IK system to understand the extremes, passing positions, highest and lowest in -betweens, and delay or secondary animation.

  2. To learn efficient translation and delays in key frames of certain controls and create a believable walk cycle for a Biped character.

Lessons learnt:

  • In a normal walk cycle the joints either follow arc or a “figure-8” pattern.

  • Always block out animation and starting from the extremes, pass positions and then high and lows.

  • Secondary animation and delaying key frames  gives life to character.

  • The foot roll is important for a walk cycle so setting up a control that can do that with just one key will be a blessing for the animator.  

  • Infinity curves are the best way to go about when it comes to correcting a cycle.

  • There should be a delay between the movement of chest and shoulder. As they come closer the attitude of the character changes.

  • Credibility depends on a lot on how you bring back the key frames and delay certain parts of animation.

  • Pay attention to the minute parts of animation to give character.

Weight Lifting Sequence using a Biped

I worked on a Biped lifting Atlas stone object for this project ​

Main Objective of these projects:

To understand the change in pose and walk with the influence of weights

Lessons learnt:

  • “Hips lead”

  • It is essential to create a rig with attributes that allow you to follow either world, COG or specific parts of the mesh.

  • Constraining object to one joint is good but I personally felt comfortable using both the hands.

  • Block out shots, create a rough animatic using just poses and stepped tangents and work your way from there.

  • Not able to find a good reference or inspiration ?  RECORD YOURSELF

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